Opening the door to connection, creating calm and building insight while exploring meaning, purpose and values.

As part of the therapeutic process at Confluence participants engage in contemplative practices to support their clinical work and to build healthy patterns of living. These practices enhance personal introspection and contemplation leads to a better understanding and realization of one’s self. This understanding helps build resilience, fosters connection to one another and to community while strengthening our personal compass. Practices born from contemplative traditions offer a wide breadth of tools and strategies useful for exploring the mind, the heart and the world. These tools support the clinical work participants are undertaking while equipping them with strategies to support their wellness when they move on.

Contemplative practice at Confluence is integrative and informed by evidence-based modalities developed by leading researchers and practitioners in the fields of psychology, wellness and movement. In addition, participants at Confluence are encouraged to embark on their own contemplative practice, be it religious, spiritual or otherwise. From journalling to meditation, yoga to storytelling, these practices encourage community and connection while fostering insight and awareness.