Tuition & Costs

Receiving the appropriate care at the right time is essential to recovery from mental health challenges. Confluence Behavioral Health offers rolling admissions and can admit an individual in as little as 24 hours. Our admissions team is available seven days a week to answer any question you may have about our program and level of care.

To learn more about tuition, costs and financing options call 802.727.0019 to speak with Admissions staff.

Included Services

Costs for services are billed at a daily rate with a one time admissions/outfitting fee and are inclusive of the following:

Admissions – Our enrollment process includes a pre-screen assessment, application and comprehensive family support to help participants and their families best understand the program and what they can expect from Confluence. In addition, our admissions team will assess and screen each applicant to determine if the level of care at Confluence is appropriate for the applicant's needs and treatment objectives.

Clinical Evaluation –  Each participant at Confluence undergoes a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment conducted by Confluence therapists and reviewed by the entire treatment team.  Assessments help create a clear understanding of strengths and challenges and inform treatment planning. 

Individual Therapy – Each participant at Confluence is paired with a primary therapist that best matches their clinical needs and with whom positive therapeutic alliance can be formed. Participants and their primary therapist meet for formal treatment sessions and see each other many times per week for check-ins and follow-ups on clinical assignments.  

Group Therapy – Multiple group therapy sessions per week allow for each participant to interface with different clinicians while at Confluence. Group therapy sessions are topically-based and include groups on relationship patterns, attachments, substance use, group dynamics, family systems and more.

Family Support and Integration – Confluence's program includes comprehensive family support and integration that seeks to help families best support loved ones in treatment. Whether that means fostering their independence, improving communication strategies or repairing fraught relationship,  Confluence clinicians guide parents and families through the treatment process to build durable patterns for long term wellness within the family.

Mentoring  Participants at Confluence are paired with a near-peer mentor, a member of our staff, that serves as their primary support person available to them at anytime of day or night. Confluence mentors participate in all aspects of life in the program alongside the participants, from farm activities to meditation groups. Mentors support participants in all aspects of the program while helping to build motivation and engagement and accountability to the treatment process.

Residential Living Needs - From personal hygiene products to linens, vitamins to over-the-counter medications, Confluence provides for the everyday needs of participants while they are enrolled. 

Outdoor Clothing and Equipment –  Confluence outfits each participant with seasonally appropriate outdoor gear and clothing to ensure each participant is safe, warm and dry on wilderness excursions. This gear and clothing is the participants to keep upon completion and discharge from Confluence.

Dining and Food –Nutrition, diet and dining are integral and important parts of the program. Participants eat a healthy whole foods diet, with limited processed foods and sugars. All meals are served family style and participants take part in the preparation of and cleaning up after meals. Confluence can accomodate most speciality diets including, gluten-free, dairy-fee and vegan diets. 

Activity Costs  All costs for activities are included in the daily rate. These costs include access to recreation facilities, ski areas, national, state and private lands used on our excursions.

Psychiatric Services

Through our partnership with Hanover Psychiatry, Confluence offers a range of services by leading expert psychologists and board-certified psychiatrists. Confluence clinicians work collaboratively with psychiatrists in a team approach to best serve the clinical needs of each participant. The daily rate is not inclusive of services from Hanover Psychiatry, and are billed additionally at an hourly rate.

Services available include: 

Diagnostic Evaluation – Using a biopsychosocial perspective, psychiatrists develop a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of participants well-being and functioning, resulting in an accurate diagnostic impression and treatment recommendations. The diagnostic picture and treatment recommendations inform Confluence clinicians treatment plans and participants objectives and goals while enrolled.

Medication Management  Through the evaluation process and ongoing appointments our psychiatrists can assess the need for medications to improve health and optimize functioning. The psychiatric team aims to practice in the most pharmacologically and diagnostically conservative way possible, and provide a detailed medication review and formulation using evidence-based treatment plans. 

Neuropsychological Evaluation  Neuropsychological testing is a scientifically-based series of tests that accurately assess cognitive functioning, behavior, executive functions such as impulse control, organization, decision making, and ability to think flexibly. The assessment provides insight into intellectual ability (I.Q.), academic skills, memory, attention and concentration, information processing speeds, language skills; visual-spatial skills; motor and sensory skills; mood and personality.

Please call our Admissions Team at 802.727.0019 to speak directly with them about the costs associated with psychiatric care.

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