Receiving the proper care at the appropriate time is essential to recovery from mental health challenges. Confluence Behavioral Health offers rolling admissions and can admit an individual in as little as 24 hours. Our admissions team is available nearly twenty-four hours seven days a week to answer any question you may have about our program and level of care. Call 802.727.0019 to speak with admissions staff.

Costs and Fees

Costs for services are billed on a per diem and are inclusive of clinical treatment, transitional support, family services, mentoring, coaching, room and board and all activity fees and program costs. In addition to the per diem rate, a one time fee for seasonally appropriate gear and clothing is assessed at enrollment to outfit the participant. This gear and clothing is the participants to keep upon completion and discharge from Confluence.

Per Diem Rate – $515.00          Admissions & Outfitting Fee$2500.00


Confluence Behavioral Health is a state licensed residential treatment center providing intermediate mental health care. Although Confluence does not directly bill private insurers, intermediate mental health care services are often covered by private insurers. Depending on the specific plan and policy terms, individuals may seek to gain pre-authorization from their carrier or submit a claim after service. Confluence Behavioral Health will provide assistance and necessary documentation to support claims made to private insurers.

Claims Management

Confluence encourages families seeking reimbursement from insurnace carriers to work with outside claims management services. SJ Health Insurance Advocates and Denials Management, Inc are two companies working directly for families to manage billing, claims and appeals. 

Private healthcare lenders can assist those seeking to finance mental health care services. Prosper Healthcare Lending is a leading financing company for behavioral health care services

Healthcare Lending

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