Our mission is to unlock an individual's potential to heal, change and grow by providing effective, high quality mental health treatment and transformative experiences. Our goal is to offer the perfect balance of support and challenge in a safe and encouraging setting where participants can realize their fullest potential. 


Confluence helps young adults heal and grow.

Individualized treatment plans, a strong focus on building sound relationships, an emotionally safe group culture and the therapeutic benefits of natural environments provide the foundation for personal change and positive therapeutic outcomes.

Confluence creates transformative experiences for young adults and their families.

Opening lines of honest and accountable communication brings families together to address deep seated challenges. Our focus on family process and long-term wellness helps young adults and their families build new strategies for healthy lasting relationships.

Confluence delivers the highest quality care with exceptional service.

Our commitments to safety, effectiveness, privacy and quality aims to exceed expectations. We do so by delivering experiences with the highest level of service for participants and their families.

Trust is the basis of our collective success.

Our participant's success is built upon the trust and confidence we inspire and create with each participant, their families and our staff.