When you recognize a need for change yet have not found the right avenue to explore it, Confluence is your trusted partner

We specialize in working with emerging adults because we understand the unique challenges facing young people today.

Confluence bridges the gap between recognizing a need for change and not knowing how to get to where you want to go. Our clinical approach is built around the idea that we all have the capacity to move beyond challenges and thrive. Confluence can help chart the course from turbulent to calm waters.

Mental health diagnoses, relational and family conflicts, a history of substance use and lack of motivation are just a few of the challenges our program can help you explore, heal from and move beyond. Our integrative approach combines individual treatment plans with a positive peer culture where participants support each other’s growth through shared experience and mutual respect.

Confluence understands young people need a positive outlet for their energies. Our wilderness program with short excursions to bike, hike, ski, camp, canoe and explore the Northeast offers participants a fun experience, that challenges yet supports their individual growth. Adventure activities are integral to treatment. They are the conduit from which you acquire new skills, develop your strengths, learn strategies for wellness and overcome your current challenges.

If you’re ready to be a participant in your own wellness, Confluence is a ready to help you become the best version of your self.