Participant Profile

While no two individual's experience are the same or even typical there are common threads that weave together a group dynamic that is integral to the Confluence experience. Confluence works with those who have the potential to manage their lives and succeed at school and work. They are individuals who have tried to create and maintain positive relationships within and outside of the family. They are often those who are wondering why the trajectory of their life is not as they had imagined or planned and they and their families are looking for opportunities to correct course.

The common thread is that participants and their families have experienced disruption of their lives as a result of primary mental health, emotional and relational challenges sometimes with secondary substance use issues that are significantly impairing their capacities to move forward and realize their fullest potential. For these individuals Confluence represents a clear path forward.

Presenting Challenges

Those participating in Confluence experience a broad set of mental health conditions and developmental challeneges.  Mental health conditions include depressive disorders, general anxiety disorders, ADHD, bipolar disorder, attachment disorders and substance use challenges. Developmentally participants may be experiencing identity issues, lack of motivation and drive, executive functioning issues and difficulties with activities of daily living. Compounding these challenges are often strained familial and interpersonal relationships, entitlement and dependency issues.  

Duration of Care

The program is designed as short term intervention to stabilize, assess and treat the individual. Stabilization offers an opportunity to break from an environment where the individual is not thriving, to retreat and wholly focus on their challenges. Comprehensive and ongoing assessment offers participants a clear understanding of their inherent strengths and presenting mental health issues. Individualized treatment plans seek to reduce symptoms and their negative effects on thoughts and behaviors, build positive characterological traits and mindsets, and magnify and best use strengths. As a participant-paced program lengths of stay vary from participant to participant. The typical intervention is around 90 days with some completing sooner while others using additional time.

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