SUpporting Professionals

Confluence values a team treatment approach that brings all available resources into the continuum of service to provide the highest level of care. By providing an understanding of participants, supporting professionals, mental health clinicians, and educational consultants become integral to our young adult therapy program enabling Confluence clinicians to better address participant's challenges and their opportunities for growth.

Mental Health Clinicians

Home therapists are a valuable resource for families experiencing crises or ongoing challenges. Participants at Confluence may have long-standing relationships with individual therapists that can complement the care provided by Confluence. Our clinical team also supports outpatient therapists before, during and after enrollment at Confluence. 

Educational Consultants

Confluence works with Educational Consultants to better serve and create comprehensive support services for emerging adults and their families. Families can rely on the expert advice of independent professionals as a trusted aid in navigating therapeutic services, identifying programs, resources and individuals clinicians.

To learn how supporting professionals' services complement Confluence therapy programs call an admissions team member now at (802) 727-0019 or visit the Contact Us page.