Families considering treatment options away from home are faced with a difficult challenge. Many parents wonder if out-of-home treatment is “too much” or they may worry about “sending their kids away.” Parents may be concerned that introducing the idea of treatment will compromise an already tenuous relationship with their young adult child. Thoughts such as “we made it this far” or “it isn’t that bad (today)” often battle with a real sense that things are out of control or just not getting any better. There is so frequently a dilemma between waiting too long or acting too early. Beneath this, a nagging belief that “we should be able to help him here” may create further uncertainty and hesitation.

These are common and valid concerns. This is not an easy decision. Encouraging a young adult child to take a break from their daily life back home and devote some serious energy to getting back on track may feel like one more daunting argument in the works. Our team at Confluence can support you in working through these dilemmas. We can help you determine if Confluence is an appropriate intervention and we can provide some strategies for introducing the idea to your daughter or son.

But how do you know if an out-of-home treatment option is right for your son or daughter? Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Has your son or daughter been involved in other home-based treatment approaches with limited or no success?
  • Has your son or daughter not met some of the typical developmental accomplishments of their peers?
  • Have you noticed significant regression in their capacity to cope or handle challenges?
  • Has your son or daughter stopped being a problem solving partner in addressing the mounting challenges that are building up?
  • Does your son or daughter commit to changes that sound promising but not follow through on these commitments?
  • Are there mounting risks that exist in the home environment that are not being addressed?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, we think Confluence could be an option for your son or daughter.

Confluence offers impactful wilderness therapy experiences with residential treatment that teaches real world skills directly applicable to home life. We are an emotionally safe, positive environment that nurtures behavioral, emotional and relational growth. Confluence is appropriate for a wide range of participants experiencing mental health, substance use and life adjustment challenges. We work with young adults who are looking to get “unstuck.” Our participants are voluntary and agree to participate in the wilderness excursions and are active participants in their own therapy.

Confluence helps young adults get back on track. We work with participants and their families to prevent things from spinning further out of control and to help establish healthy strategies for moving forward. Treatment at Confluence is short-term. During this time, we help unlock participants’ potential and build the infrastructure required to re-engage with life. The strong clinical focus, positive peer culture, and active lifestyle offer a dynamic treatment experience unlike that of other settings. The mix of experiential therapies, shared living, and talk-based treatments propels participants in a new direction towards health and wellness.

If your son or daughter is struggling and unable to move forward, we’d be happy to talk with you to determine if Confluence is a good fit. Parents can speak directly with our Admissions Director for further information by calling 802-727-0019.