The River Model

A Personal Growth Structure Supporting Clinical Treatment

Confluence employs a personal growth model to help participants begin, navigate and emerge. The process acknowledges the effort and growth participants make while enrolled. Each structured stage of growth is marked by ceremony to recognize the hard work the participant has done to get there. Confluence uses a river as metaphor for the four stages, which are built successively on each other. With each new stage, there are new opportunities, responsibilities and challenges. Participants move from one stage to the next as they work with their individualized treatment plans and complete assignments helping them heal and gain new skills, insights and awareness.

Settling In: Orientation and Rest

In the Headwaters participants settle in and orient themselves to the new environment. Initial introductions to clinicians, staff and participants are made. At the start of the program participants have space to rest and relax before beginning the journey down river. It is an opportunity to reorganize and recuperate from the busy, hectic world while collecting the energy to start moving. At this stage the participants receive the handbook and review it with mentors.

Starting Out: Introspection and Engagement

The Stream is the introduction to the participant group and activities. It marks the real beginning of the journey at Confluence. During this stage participants begin to examine their experiences at home, school, work and in relationships. Starting slowly, as a small stream does, the young adults begin to reflect on how things have gone in their past while beginning to make some headway towards fully engaging. Here they look downstream and start to formulate what they want for their future.

Searching Around: Insight and Exploration

Entering the River marks the move into deeper, swifter waters. Participants work to recognize and develop their individual motivations and aspirations. At the same time, participants seek to identify the obstacles, hesitations and elements getting in the way of them reaching their fullest potential. Here participants set goals for themselves and develop strategies to successfully navigate around obstacles. The River stage includes the challenge is to look beyond the obvious and superficial into more meaningful and illustrative truths.

Seeing Beyond: Awareness and Foresight

The Estuary is the confluence of the whole experience  It is where the river meets the sea or where participants prepare to reengage with their lives away from Confluence. This stage is about integrating the therapy, experiences and skills into a cohesive new mindset and modality for living. At the Estuary, the work is to apply the treatment gains to support the next step of each participant's journey. Participants wrap up their work with Confluence and plan their transition, each leaving with a new awareness and skills.