Continuing Care to Support Lasting Change

Confluence equips participants to re-enter their lives with the resilience to handle the challenges that inevitably lay before them. However, we recognize additional support may be needed to reinforce the healing and growth that took place while enrolled at Confluence. Transitional support is available from Confluence and is included as part of our program costs.

Transition Support

Confluence's transition program offers participant’s weekly scheduled calls and as-needed check-ins with their treatment team. With an in-depth understanding of the participant, the transition team brings a focused lens to handling real-life challenges as they happen. The real-time support is purposefully designed to enable newly developed mindsets and skills to take hold in the participant’s life, reinforcing and building on the individual's strengths and successes.

Return Trips 

Confluence gives participants the option to revisit the program at any time within six weeks after completing clinincal discharge. Return trips are designed to reinforce treatment gains. They offer a brief respite from the stressors and pressures of everyday life while refreshing the skills, tools and mindsets developed during treatment. Whether the participant wants to rejoin the group on a wilderness adventure or spend a few days on the Farmthe support network at Confluence is always available to them and their family.

To discover more about how continued care can support positive outcomes at home, at work and on campus call an admissions team member now at (802) 727-0019.