Health and Wellness

Building Patterns For Lifelong Healthy Living

So much of how we feel, act and think is tied up in how our bodies feel and perform for us. Confluence's program helps participants develop patterns of healthy living by fostering a partnership between each participant and medical staff to design and implement a coordinated wellness action plan. This individualized plan is designed to help participants physical selves support the mental, emotional and relational work they have embarked on.  

At enrollment each participants meets with medical staff for a baseline assessment of physical wellbeing. Together a comprehensive plan to actionably manage any physical, dietary, and medical needs is formed. Every other week or on an as-needed basis participants meet with medical staff to manage their medical needs and check in on the wellness plans and practice.

Medical care and wellness practice at Confluence is designed to maintain and improve physical health as both a means to support emotional and mental wellbeing and as an end in its own right. Additionally, the program helps to create patterns for lifelong wellness and helps individuals proactively manage their physical health through sleep, diet and nutrition, hydration, movement and exercise.  


Mindfulness Practice, Yoga & Meditation

Opening the Door to Connection, Creating Calm and Developing Insight

The cornerstone of wellness practice at Confluence is the mindfulness group. Practicing mindfulness in a structured group program can help reduce the negative impacts associated with physical, psychosomatic and psychiatric disorders. Groups includes mindfulness meditation and yoga to help participants alleviate negative symptoms but also receive the positive benefits of a quieter mind and greater awareness.  

The program incorporates practices born from contemplative traditions which a wide breadth of tools and strategies useful for exploring the mind, the heart and the world. These tools support the clinical work participants are undertaking while equipping them with strategies to support their wellness when they move on.

Contemplative practice at Confluence is integrative and informed by evidence-based modalities developed by leading researchers and practitioners in the fields of psychology, wellness and movement. In addition, participants at Confluence are encouraged to embark on their own contemplative practice, be it religious, spiritual or otherwise. From journalling to meditation, yoga to storytelling, these practices encourage community and connection while fostering insight and awareness.