A resource for parents

As parents, knowing when to ask for help is often one of the most difficult decisions. The staff at Confluence has years of experience assisting families  as they seek to improve the conditions of their child’s life. Our program not only serves young adults but also seeks to support the family to create an create clear lines of communication, improved relationships and appropriate boundaries and expectations.

When young adult behavioral challenges present a significant disruption to everyday functioning and where those individuals have been unsuccessful, Confluence's unique approach offers a comprehensive option. Parents enrolling their children at Confluence may have supported their child through a range of treatment options with unsuccessful outcomes or they may have just recently learned of their child’s challenges and severity. In either case, the programming and staff at Confluence are there to help families navigate and steer through these turbulent waters.

The presenting issues in your child may be longstanding and have caused challenges for their entire life. Many may be experiencing more acute symptoms causing significant recent decline. Others may have seen progressive difficulty in their home, work or school lives. Parents supporting their child's enrollment in Confluence are those who recognize the need for a comprehensive approach to facilitate lasting and meaningful change. 

Through proven clinical interventions and research-based methodologies, Confluence programming is designed to enable participants to have transformative experiences, which in turn change their mindset and give them tools to better their lives. Our goal is to give participants and their families the strategies needed to practice leading productive, engaging and fulfilling lives with positive experiences and rich relationships.

We invite parents to become actively engaged in the participant's care to help the family move to a better place. Contact us now to reach an admissions specialist. 

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