WILDERNESS THERAPY AND OUtdoor Behavioral Health

Meeting the therapeutic needs of participants with the prescriptive use of wilderness and outdoor experiences

Confluence programming is rooted in outdoor behavioral health and wilderness therapy models. Outside time in the natural world is a break for our brains. Fresh air and open spaces provide a reset. Uncluttered environments and distance from technologies give our minds a chance to re-calibrate, reorganize and rest. It’s an opportunity to truly re-position and listen to oneself without the distractions of everyday life.

Adventure-based experiences provide the foundation for Confluence's clinical work. These empirically-based models use outdoor activity and the inherent emotional challenges, relationship building, and behavioral choices to explore broader psychological themes, patterns and strategies. Lastly, adventure-based activities are an excellent venue to build positive psychological skills and traits. Resilience, resourcefulness, resolve and responsibility all get drawn to the fore and are developed in these interventions.

Bikepacking in the Berkshires
Snowshoeing in Vermont Forests
Hiking in the White Mountains
Canoe camping on Maine lakes

Boots, bikes, boards and boats are the vehicles for getting participants out into the natural world. We'lltour some of the most beautiful and remote areas in our corner of the world. In addition to the therapeutic value, these activities help build a foundation of physical health.

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